What Are The Advantages Of External Training?


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Although there are several advantages to external training there are also a few disadvantages too.

  • Taking them out of their usual working environment can increase their concentration and commitment to the training

  • There maybe more specialist training equipment available in a training center

  • The staff who are being trained could also mix with staff from other departments and ideas could be exchanged and relationships developed

  • There could be more space and less disruption if the staff are trained in a specialist building rather than being squeezed into a backroom at the company's offices.
  • Traveling to and from the training center could be expensive

  • The time it takes to get to the training center could mean lost hours of productivity

  • Staff members may not feel comfortable in different surroundings and so will struggle to take in any of the training
As stated above external training has a lot of advantages and so is used by a lot of companies to train their staff. The fact they can visit purpose built facilities is the biggest plus point as it creates the perfect environment for training.

However sometimes in-house training can be more convenient if the cost of travel and lost time is too great for a company to sacrifice.
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