Tell Us About A Time When You Played An Important Role As Part Of A Team?


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This sounds quite a bit like an interview question that a manager may ask for a company where you may have to work with a team.

  • Answering the question
Most interview questions are about the person being interviewed. If this question is on an application for a job, it is imperative that you answer it honestly. The person that will take in the application, review it, and decide to give you the job or an interview wants you to be honest over coming up with something that never happened to you.

  • Being part of a team
Being in a team can happen just about anywhere and you may not have thought of yourselves as a team at the time. Certainly, with a job the person asking the question will want it to pertain to a work environment, but it does not have to be. For example, was there a time you and friends were hiking? If there was an incident such as someone needing first aid due to a minor injury you could talk about what happened. At work if you had coworkers or a manager then you were part of a team and important to the team in order to get the work done.

An important role is what you determine is important about how you helped the team. The interviewer or reader is going to look for any input you provided and whether it helped in the grand scheme of things. They want to know that you know how to participate in a team and how to be an important member.

For example, as a manager a person can play an important role in how to get everyone working together and how to delegate or share responsibility so that everyone feels included.
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Ren Yan answered
When our team need to make plans , I will play An Important Role As Part Of A Team.

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