How To Calculate %. Example Labor Cost 12500 And Sales Were 145000. What Is Labor As A % Of Sales?


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To work out the percentage of one number in relation to another you would use the following equation.
Small number/large number
Answer x 100
This will give you the percentage the smaller number is of the bigger number. So, for example, the answer to the given number would look like this:
12500/145000 = 0.086
0.086 x 100 = 8.62%
Another example which shows how the equation works in a straight forward and understandable way would be: Labour cost (20) and Sales (100).
20/100 = 0.2
0.2 x 100 = 20%
This is obvious from the numbers given as 20 parts of 100 are of course 20 per cent. These easier numbers should show an obvious equation which should help you to understand it when given more difficult numbers. Make up some of your own numbers to try it out and practise further; you can go from easy ones where you already know the percentage for example by using 50 and 100, to the more difficult ones such as that in the original question.
As well as by calculator, this sum can be done on paper by doing a long division to start with. And then to multiply that answer by 100 you literally just have to move the decimal point two spaces to the right.
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Percentage = (12500/1450000) x 100 = 0.86 %

It means that 12500 is the 0.86 % of the total value of 1450000.

I hope you got your answer enjoy blurting have fun!

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