What Happened To The Last Dollar?


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They are holding the 30th dollar.  27-2=25 :P You had me there for a minute.  Or another way of saying it would be that they are holding the 30th dollar.  They each paid $9.. The rate was $25.. The bellboy took $2 and they are holding the last $3.
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I will, these questions always entertain me. I never really get stumped for more than a minute though at the longest. If you have any others I'd love to hear em.
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I like such mind games too. I will try to remember some of the others I have run across.
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Actually, the Bellhop has the "last dollar". With a $5 refund, each man should have paid $8.33 + $8.33 + 8.34 = $25. The fact that they paid $27 is accounted for by the $2 that went into the pocket of the Bellhop.

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