What Do You Think About The Idea That Technological And Medical Advances Would Bring An End To Hunger, Disease, Drudgery, And Unemployment In The United States?


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I think that technology and medical advancements are a blessing and a curse. Medical advances have certainly extended life but it’s depressing to see that nothing has changed when it comes to lack of affordability for most people. The 1960s provided medical advancements such as vaccines, aortic valve repair and the dawn of heart surgeons, transplants, and a HUGE push in pharmaceuticals. Jobs were bountiful in the health profession during this time (nurses, surgeons, psychiatrists, pharmacists) and with the creation of Medicare and Medicaid it created all new jobs for this section of the government. Now we have automated systems that take away certain jobs such as pharmacy jobs and this people unemployed. There some states that will not allow doctors to carry malpractice insurance and the amount of money that it costs to educate doctors is part of the reason why health care is so expensive. The object of Medicare and Medicaid was suppose to help people who couldn’t afford health insurance such as the elderly and the handicapped. Nothing has really changed in the fact that middle aged people and children without disabilities still go without health insurance and that they have health and dental problems too. Some states have state assisted health care packages for children but there are specific requirements that have to be met to be eligible. Minority groups such as Hispanics and African Americans still suffer the most from the way our health care system was and currently is with it’s policies.

As for technology in the 1960s we had the dawn of the space program and NASA. This employs thousands of people and was a huge leap for man by landing on the moon. This also began the era of satellites which today is a huge part of surveillance around the globe and communication capabilities (GPS, cell phones, internet). Gene manipulation of plants, processed foods, and insecticides were also major developments of the 1960s as well as studies into their harmful effects. DDT was a pesticide that after much research uncovered that it was devastating to water tributaries and also cancer causing. I think that the media helps to twist and manipulate situations for ratings and also helps to spur on the idea of many stereotypes. The media however has brought to light some stories of misuse of the Medicare and Medicaid system and at the same time some news stations place a bad spin of the benefits of socialized health care. This makes our society be resistant to change that could be extremely beneficial to all of society.

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Well it may make unemployment, hunger and disease less abundant I don't think it could help the drudgery of everyday life. Especially since there will always be a need for repetitive daily work from the masses

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