I Am Also Looking For Comments On Frank Simpson And His Program. Can You Give Me Your Opinions?


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Frank Simpson's "get rich quick” scheme is a program that promises to make you money by getting involved in something called 'Options Trading'. Options Trading is by definition, an agreement between two parties to buy/sell an asset at a fixed price in the near future. This may sound confusing but it can be understood quite simply. Let's say that Bob agrees to sell Brian five shares for £50 each on Tuesday, and £50 is their current worth on the stock exchange. When Tuesday rolls around, the shares are now worth £100, Bob must keep to his word, and Brian buys the five shares at £50. Brian can then sell his shares on the open market and will make £50 on each.

This may sound like a juicy little money maker, but you must bear in mind that it can work the other way too, and Brian may have ended up buying five shares at £50 when they were only worth £2 by Tuesday! It's as risky as the stock exchange. Situations like these in Options Trading very often do happen, if they didn't and you were guaranteed to make money every time, the whole world and his Auntie would be doing this daily and everyone in the world would be a millionaire.

There is a loud and clear message being pushed across the board to people looking at indulging or signing up to an internet 'money making scheme' or program such as Frank Simpson's Easy Wealth program and the message is quite simple: If it sounds too good to be true, it probably is!

Experts are also often reminding us that if any money is asked for and requested in return for a "secret”, tutorial or a book that promises to hold the answer to becoming a millionaire, then it probably is going to be an incredible disappointment, and such things are usually a money making scheme for one person only, the person you're paying to help you become the next Donald Trump.

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