Who Owns Vogue?


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Vogue is owned by New York based publisher Condé Nast. The magazine has various editions in many different countries. Over the years publisher Condé Nast has hired a series of women editors to take charge of the Vogue team. These editors have also been held responsible for the magazine's success quite a few times. Vogue has been around for almost half of a decade now and is seen as one of the top notch fashion and life magazines in the world today.

Occasionally, the magazine content also includes pieces on politics, culture as well as art. It is one of the major magazines responsible for transforming models into semi celebrities. The magazine of course has many critics who often speak about it indulging in wealth, money, social connections and promoting skinny bodies. Till date, Vogue is synonymous with fashion. So much so, that at one point a models success was actually measured by the number of times she had appeared on the cover of the magazine.
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Watch the movie on youtube "Born Rich" and you will see the family who owns Conde Nast and their 20 billion dollar publishing empire.

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