My Roommate Has Moved Out, But Has Left All Her Belongings Here. How Long Do I Have Before I Can Remove The Belongings?


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Most of those situations, are usually around 30 days, really depends on the situation.
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Typically, if you try to contact her, and can't get a hold of her, then you can move it to storage for another month. But in the meantime, you still need to try to contact her. You can take her to court over this, but it sounds like you can't talk to her. I would give it 3 months just to protect yourself, and in the meantime try. You can also contact the landlord/tenant board and see what they say about your situation. Good luck, hope this helps.
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Get legal advice before making any rash decisions here because if you were to do something wrong here she could take you to court I'm not saying you have no rights as well though that's why I'm suggesting legal advice to get what your owed too do it now don't delay here
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I tried helping someone. They lived here free and I even paid $2200 dollars for their probation to keep them from going to jail They up and left a little over a month ago leaving everything here. Can I sell their things or hold until I can get my money?
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I agree to first try contacting her but if all calls are to no avail by at least a month, then you should seek the housing board as to what your next course of action would be and have everything documented in black and white. Do not simply dispose of her things because you could get sued should she comes back to claim them later from the unit.

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I suggest you put it up some were because she can come back after two years and claim her belongings and she can take you to court to return her stuff . So hold on to it until she makes and effort then you can get your back payment for rent and return her belongings.

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