Is 9 Day Money Miracle Operation A Scam? The Address Is P>O> Box 85064 In Phoenix, Arizona.


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I rec'd their letter today SCAM! BIG TIME! ... No my friend, the address shown is P. O. Box 32410, Phoenix, AZ 85067, the letter is signed by K.T. Alvarado and requesting $35. There is another one from DRG, Inc. 1722 East Julie Drive, Suite 101, Tempe AZ85283 Letter signed by David R. Gibson, requesting $7.49 Oh! This one gladly takes your credit card information. ANOTHER ONE!Same person, same letter, same requested amount $7.49 taking CC# only this case his address is David R. Gibson (D.R.G) 6232 Elaine Avenue, Harrisburg, PA. 17112, ANOTHER ONE! From Illuminati Financial, Box 16690, Phoenix, AZ. 85011 requesting $35. He does not take CC how considered. ANOTHER ONE! From Mendel's Razor, he sent you a Penny, and right away calls you an idiot for not believing that, that penny will turn a lifetime income of $417,830 every month forever, I think its very offensive however, he is the idiot 'case thanks to his penny I'm a penny richer. This Guy has no shame as the others, he is requesting  $ be sent to: Mendel's Razor, P.O. Box 11469, Phoenix, AZ. 85061 Sorry my friends he does not take CC, however he tell you that you $35. Are "refundable", you know when R you going to see your cash back? NEVER!!!! ANOTHER ONE! P.R. Forms Company, signed by Philip Rohms, P. O. Box 78939, Los Angeles, CA. 90016 requesting $35. Refundable ofcourse. Here there a funny twist: P.R. Forms is also: EuroTrust AMG, only with different:P.O. Box 781178, Los Angeles, Ca. 90016, you see P.R. Forms is the one is registered in LA BBB
Unfortunately, I sent my hard earned money to EuroTrust AMG $35.on Sept. 26 & in Nov. I sent them a letter requesting my refund, and I'm still waiting, I placed my complain to LA BBB on Dec. 10'09 I was told they will process my complain and get in touch with that company, and yet to hear anything else. There was only 2 more complains back then. You see I believed in them due to the fact of endorsements of Wall Street Journal, Chicago Tribune, and London Times, who was I to doubt, that my small investment wouldn't be the beginning of something bigger? WRONG!!!! They are professional Alvarado, UNSCRUPULOUS they probably started their path stealing money from their mother's purse or wallet no, now is easy steal from other people. Oh! THERE IS ANOTHER ONE! Debt Free 12 Step Program, P.O.Box 32890,
Phoenix, AZ. 85064 Requesting $35. ("Fully Refundable") this time Scott Gray signed the letter.
No, don't pull your Credit Card, Scott does not take Credit Cards. Do you see the similarities?

Listen, it is very late, and have to take some Zzz I just wanted to warned anyone out there desperate enough to sent his cash these and other schemers expecting some hope ... Some help. Then again not everything is lost, lets try to land a job in the Stock Market or anyone of those large Banks, yeah those that got the stimulus (peoples money) only to get an in imaginable yearly bonuses, amounts that probably anyone of us could even dream of.  Take care guys. Dabeny

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