What Exactly Does Production Management Entail And How Is It Linked With Human Resource Management?


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Production management entails all the core activities that a given business concern is based around and it involves setting up production goals, meeting deadlines and basically ensuring a consistent flow of goods and services that all the activities of the concern facilitate. Human resource management erstwhile is about managing people basically. Its a supporting activity that integrates all the business processes, so basically the relationship of Human Resource department is as a facilitator. It ensures that all timely requirement of the employees are met, performs diagnostics for training need assessment and maintain a healthy environment for employees to perform in. Besides, designing detailed job description and making sure right candidates for the right jobs are selected would be another integral part of the Human Resource department's functional objectives. Enterprise Resource planning software basically integrates all of the departments and processes of an organization into a single unified system, which ensures more effective management of resources and assists in timely decision making.

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