How And Where Can I Get Training For Phlebotomy In Greensboro NC And Martinsville VA?


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Phlebotomy is the act of drawing blood for testing or transfusion and various other medical reasons. The skill is used by many in a range of medical fields but a lot individuals train to become phlebotomists and work independently in order to reduce the work load of doctors, nurses and paramedics. This can often involve travelling around the country to hospitals and nursing homes collecting samples. In terms of training at this moment in time only two states within the USA require an individual to hold certification of Phlebotomy qualifications, though most employers prefer to hire certified professionals. Whilst years ago training used to be picked up on the job, it is much more common now for potential Phlebotomists to undergo detailed and vigorous training which focuses on the anatomy as well as the legal and ethical aspect of blood collecting. Individuals interested in phlebotomy can enrol in certificate programs that prepare them to work in this healthcare field and take certification exams. Training courses can range from 10 week introductory courses to degree courses lasting between 2 and 4 years. In North Carolina there are a number of colleges offering training within a 100 mile radius of Greensborough - Asheville-Buncombe Technical Community College and Gaston College both offer options for students as well as Johnstone Community College, Smithfield, Wake Technical College, Raleigh, Piedmont College, Roxboro, Almance College, Graham, Fayetteville College, Fayetteville and Durham Community College, Durham. There are a range of different programmes offered and it is worth consulting their prospectus. As for Virginia and the Martinsville area, although nothing in the town itself there are a number of colleges offering two year course in the subject in the nearby area. The Northern Virginia Community College in Annandale caters for 42,660 undergraduates as well as The Norfolk State University.

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