How To Change A Blower Motor 2001 Buick Century?


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Bellow the glove box and under the dash you will see the little courtesy light that comes on with the door open. Carefully pry the four pop-in's that secure this panel. Take it off and turn the little light until it comes out. You will see the blower motor centered there by looking up. It has a grey foam wrap around it, a black hose, and the wire connector. Three screws hold the fan on, once they are taken out the fan drops straight down. You will need to pop open the holder on the bundle of wires to get at one of the screws. Easy on the wire connector cause it has a latch. Save the rubber gasket for the new fan, you will need to cut the little tabs that hold it to the flange. It only goes on one way, because all the sides are different length. A motor costs about $70.00, it comes with the fan attached. Connect the wires connect the rubber hose. Start the back screw first if you can, it is the toughest, it goes into a hole on a tab about the size of a pencil eraser. Once it is started the other screws on the side towards you go easier. Make sure all the wires are not caught in the gap around the fan. You might test it by turning on the ignition/heater fan switch first before putting it in place. If the fan had been only running at high speed you need to replace the resister/green circuit board while the fan is off. It is right behind the fan and tight against the firewall. Kind of a bugger to get at, DO NOT REMOVE THE SCREW AGAINST THE FIREWALL it only needs to slide out from under it. Total time standing on your head would be about 30-40 minutes. You might do it best with a 1/4" socket set with a waggle extension. If I recall the screw was not metric.
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Very good advice above. My back can't handle the contortions necessary to get at it, so here is what I did in addition to what he said:
There are 4 bolts holding the passenger seat to the rails. I used a 13mm gear/ratchet wrench to remove them and took the seat out. Be careful to
remember the need to remove the seatbelt bolt from where it attaches to the seat on the bottom right and to carefully feed the seatbelt latches through the cloth guide on the left side before horsing the seat out of the car.
I then detached all springs associated with the seat rails (one end only) and laid them out of the way so they would not be damaged. Now, with a blanket I am able to lay down on my back, side, stomach and easily access all bolts, wire harnesses, etc.
Before you go to work on your back, take a six lobe screwdriver (you'll have to determine the size), a mirror, and a light. Use the mirror to see the wire harness and use the screwdriver to release it. Then use the mirror again to remove the 1st screw just adjacent to the wire harness. Pull out on black tube attached to motor and gently remove the integrated belt from the motor. Remove the 2 other screws and slowly work the motor out.

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