Why Do We Have To Have A Working Knowledge Of The Legislation Involved In Any Business?


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In any business, you will face issues if you do not abide by the law. Whether you’re a food and catering business, or you sell non-perishable goods, there are many laws that you will have to abide by. These laws are there to protect the customers from purchasing unsafe and bad quality products, and are also there for the protection of the workers. As a company, it is your responsibility to ensure that you are providing quality products and a good scheme for your workers. The most prominent law is that which relates to a minimum wage. As a business, it’s not just your responsibility to abide by the law, but you must ensure that you’re providing your customers and your workers with a fair deal.

It’s important to have a working knowledge of the legislation involved with your business so that with every move your business makes, you can ensure that you are complying with the laws of the land. Sticking to the law means that you will not face lengthy and costly legal battles in the future and perhaps more importantly, you will not be providing poor-quality goods and services to customers and won’t be maltreating your employees.

Remember, without the employees and customers, your business could not operate. Having a working knowledge of laws relating to your operations can mean that you will not lose them in the foreseeable future, and you’ll be able to remain prosperous well into the future. Just be sure you know about all laws concerning your trade, and be sure to treat everybody fairly!


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There is a raft of legislation that surrounds organisations that are involved in business. Some of this
legislation is specific to one area of supply but others are generic. You have a legal and a moral
responsibility to provide truthful and accurate information to customers. Failure to do this can have
consequences for you personally and for your organisation.
You are not expected to be a lawyer but you are required to have a level of knowledge commensurate
with your role in the organisation. In other words, the level of knowledge of the relevant legislation
that you require as a client representative would be far less than that expected of the manager in
charge of compliance.
Your organisation will have access to all of the relevant legislation and should keep you informed of
your responsibilities to the organisation, its customers and what you need to do to ensure compliance.
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To have or keep updated with any changes made that could effect your busines or have an impact on your business
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Hiya Alcohol.Sorry I didn't answer a couple or three of your questions,the simple answer is I didn't know!If I had answered that, I would have got it sent back saying "not enough details".
You should know the legislation,about hiring and firing,safety at work,and minimum wage payments.It's quite involved,and all in legalese,so you should be very careful,and have at least a working knowledge of the legislation

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