How Can One Rejuvenate A Dead Lead Acid Car Battery?


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You can rejuvenate a dead lead acid car battery by following a simple set of instructions yourself which will keep costs down and stop you from throwing it away to buy a new one which is not environmentally friendly.

To begin you need to consider your own safety, so whilst you are out at the store buying all of the essential items make sure you buy yourself strong long tight gloves and also eye protection. The other things you will need are; a battery terminal cleaner tool, a wire brush, battery terminal protector spray, a 12volt car battery desulfator, a hand wrench set and a battery charger.

Now you are set and ready to go. Put on your protective glasses and use the hand wrench to remove the positive terminal clamp (red). Using the battery terminal cleaner tool, clean the terminal post and the clamp, if you do notice any excess corrosion on the terminal post then use the wire brush to scrub it away. Some people do prefer to put the gloves on at this point but after reading through each step you can decide when you want to put the gloves on. Once you are happy that the terminal post and the clamp are properly clean then re-attach it back together. Now repeat with the negative side (black).

Now that you have finished cleaning both the negative and the positive terminals and clamps you can use the battery terminal protection spray on each terminal which will help each terminal and clamp not to corrode. With regular use it builds up a protective defensive layer that will stop corrosion setting in which in turn can cause the battery not to accept the charge given out by the alternator.

Next you need to roll your sleeves up as you are about to get your hands really dirty. You are about to install the 12volt car battery desulfator. This handy bit of kit is actually easier to install than you may at first think but the trick to the installation is to make sure that the positive and negative wires do not touch any other part of the engine as once hooked up to the battery it will need to be installed into the main engine bay. Each of the wires needs to be attached to their correct counter parts on the battery i.e. Red to red (positive) and black to black (negative).

The next step is to charge the battery with the battery charger. You will need to connect the correct wires to the right terminals; red to red and black to black. Before doing this you will need to make sure that the battery charger is not turned on. Once the wires are in place correctly you need to adjust the settings as per the manufacturer’s guidelines which can be found in your owner’s manual. This can then be left to charge at least overnight so that it is charged enough if not fully to work again. Before taking off the chargers clips make sure you turn it off, only then you can safely remove the clips, put down your hood and start your engine.
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You can use a reviver device or reviver unit to rejuventae a dead lead acid car battery. This would eliminate shedding.Charge your battery everyday with a battery charger alongwith a reviver. For more details see the link below:
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I bought a device called a battery desulfator from and it really works. I've managed to revive even junked batteries to bring them back to life and use them for another year.

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