Why Is The Primary Sector In Decline?


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The Growth and Decline of sectors:-
Classify business means that it is easier to recognize trend in changed sectors and industries evaluate these. Business may modify what they do, for various reasons:
1. Businesses are attracted near profitable activities and away from unprofitable ones. This is why same farmers now run holiday homes.
2. Cheap foreign imports can force the closure of some British companies, such as shoe and textile manufactures.
3. Technological developments change the demand for goods and services_ such as computer maintains services providers.
4. Fashion, trends and lifestyles affect the type of goods and service we want to buy.
This has two affects:
1. Whole sectors can grow or decline.
2. Within different sectors, certain types of business may grow whilst others may not.
Whole sector changes
Once, most people in Britain worked on the land. Then the UK led the world in manufacturing .today we import most of our manufactured goods from abroad and more people are employed in the tertiary sector. We know this because we can measure changes by looking at different types of figures.
Employment by sectors
An increase in the number of jobs usually means that a sector is growing. If you look at the chart of employment by sector below, you will see that in recent years employment has:
1. Fallen in the primary and secondary sector.
2. Increased in the tertiary sector.
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Because businesses import for cheaper prices around the world, in order to maximise profits.
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Cheap imports which require less money for workers hence more for every one else and when you go to primark you can buy pumps for £2.

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