There Are Four Main Types Of Production. Describe Each One, Giving Examples Where Each Type May Be Employed?


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There are four types of economic production that are considered to be the most significant: The primary sector, the secondary sector, the tertiary sector, and the quaternary sector. Nations with more types of sectors tend to be wealthier. The primary sector deals mainly with agriculture and livestock production, but can also refer to mining. Hunting and fishing also corresponds with this sector. The responsibility for those employed in this sector is to produce and gather raw materials to be sold, exported, or manufactured.

The secondary sector is manufacturing the raw goods. If the country has a surplus of raw materials, it is wise to use them in manufacturing. The finished product can be sold or exported. If the manufacturer is making something that requires raw goods that are rare in that country, they might have to import raw goods from elsewhere. This can become expensive. This is why manufacturers tend to make things using local items.

People who are employed in the tertiary sector are responsible for providing services to others. For example doctors, lawyers, taxi drivers, massage therapists, and mechanics are all employed in the service sector. They don’t create or sell things make of raw materials or manufactured goods. Instead, they provide services to their clients.

The quaternary sector contains employees who are considered the "intellectual elite.” Researchers, museum curators, teachers (especially at post-secondary institutions,) and artists are all a part of this sector. Some experts are saying there is now a quinary sector that includes CEOs, philanthropists, presidents of organizations, and movie directors. Basically, it refers to people with a lot of power. Obviously, not every nation has all four sectors, but most do. War-torn or developing countries often loose employees in the tertiary and quaternary sectors. It is important for a country to have all four in order to have a balanced economy.
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The four types of production are:
- Job production
- Batch production
- Flow production
- Project production

In the job production, an individual or a group or worker handles the task. In the batch method, the work is divided into parts called batches which happens in the large organizations. Flow is same as batch but the queuing is eliminated and the process flows constantly. It happens mostly in the technology firms. And the project production is defining a production as a project for one time only.
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There are three types of production. Namely 1 Job production 2 Batch production 3 Mass or Flow production.
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Actually there are 2 major types of production
1- Continuous.
  (a) mass production. (b) assembly production.
2- Discontinous
  (a) batch production. (b) job production.
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Jobbing   single one off jobs and small numbers e.g 1-100
batch   larger production runs e.g. 100-100,000
mass   continous running that can be stopped e.g car production plant
flow   continous running that runs 24/7 e.g power plant or foundry works
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The types of production are primary secondary and tertiary production . Job production are actually are the methods of production.
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Arent there three types of production.  Them being primary production, secondary production and tertiary production?
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The types of production are:
1.Job production
2.Continuous production
two types of continuous production are:
A.mass production
3.Batch Production
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Primary,secondary and tertiary are the industries. In each industry the production has to be broken down and this is where job production-batch production-flow production comes in.   Got it get it GOOD
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1)analytical production
2)synthetic production
3)intermittent production
4)continous production
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i can not see a better explanation on production types.. Can anyone please send me the right link which I can go through.......???

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Discrete manufacturing and project manufacturing comes under which type of production ...
Job, batch or flow
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1. Continuous type, eg.refinery, electricity generation, Here production is on a continuous basis of non-discrete items
2. Repetitive type, automobile production, production is on repetitive basis, discrete units
3. Batch type (pharmaceuticals,hotels), production is o batch to batch basis, instead of on large scale
4. Job shop (ship building and house construction.), all workers and materials are brought to work site and assembled to get final product.

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