What Is A Typical Interview For Personal Assistant?


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Whether you are going for the position of a Personal Assistant or any other role, a job interview can vary greatly depending on the company and the nature of their recruitment policy. A personal assistant role involves much interaction with the person it is that you will be appointed to, so it is always good to show great personal skills and strong interaction. This can be demonstrated right from the start with a strong hand shake and eye contact maintained throughout. If you have spoken to the potential employers prior to the interview on the phone it is good to be clear and positive as the role will involve a lot of telephone calls to clients and contacts. As with any interview it is good to be punctual and in the world of PAs this is no exception. Always try and turn up at least 10 minutes earlier than the arranged interview time to show you are prompt and able to keep appointments. Turning up late will only give the impression that you are a poor time keeper and organizer.
The nature of the questions you are asked can vary and may have no bearing on the position, choosing to concentrate on the personality rather than previous experience and qualifications. One thing interviewers love to ask is for three strengths and three weaknesses. Although sounding straight forward this can be difficult to do when you are put on the spot. It is always worth having some pre-prepared answers for questions regarding strengths, weaknesses, ambitions and reasons for applying for the job so that you appear confident and competent at your interview.
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I have been called for interview Thursday for Personal Assistant, so what questions should I expect
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Here are some possible questions that you may be asked on an interview for the position of personal assistant:
- What were your duties as an assistant before?
- How did you assistant your manager?
- What is your weakness?
- What are your strengths? Etc

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