Whom Is Kent Sayre From Portland , Oregon And Is With Unstoppable Marketing?


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Kent Sayre is the creator of Unstoppable Marketing which is based in Portland, Oregon. It is a business that was designed by Sayre in order for people to do marketing work from their home. Kent Sayre graduated with a Masters degree in Computer Science and he is now a certified hypnotist and trainer of Neuro-Linguistic Programming, also known as NLP. After acquiring his Masters degree Kent Sayre went to work for a high-tech company but after a while he quit his job and went on to buy real estate worth approximately two million dollars.

He wrote the book ‘Unstoppable Confidence’ at age 27 which went on to sell over 29,615 copies in its first year and was publicly endorsed by Robert Allen, Jim Rohn, Ron LeGrand and Brian Tracey. In addition to this popular book, Kent Sayre went on to write the book ‘The Ultimate Persuasion Formula’ which aims to give its readers the ability to adopt persuasion strategies. It has become Sayre’s famous mantra that people can overcome their shyness and speak to anyone with confidence and assurance. The types of motivational programs he creates include seven helpful tips to improve confidence. These include reassuring yourself that there’s no harm in asking, trying something you’ve never done for the first time and finding someone who is high in confidence and copying their behaviour and attitude. In addition, he states that you should feign confidence and then eventually you will believe in yourself, as well as looking to your future prospects. Moreover he says that people should seize every opportunity that presents itself and try to remove any negative thoughts. Kent Sayre conducts and speaks at a number of seminars across the country.
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Kent Sayre is a marketer effectively teaching starting small business owners direct response marketing techniques.

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