Write A Recommendation For Both The Energy Cooperative And The Clean Power Company. Your Recommendations Should Include: 1. A Statement Of The Ethical Concerns In Each Case 2. How It Will Affect The Stakeholders In Each Case 3. At Least 3 Specific Re?


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To write a recommendation for both the energy cooperative and the clean power company, which includes a statement of ethical concerns and information about how stakeholders will be affected, you need to collect some facts and figures about clean power.

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  • Any letter that is written will have more gravity when it is backed up with hard facts and science that supports a given opinion or position. For example, a letter that is outlining suggestions for better business practices related to the delivery of clean energy, should list best practices for this industry and the reasons why these best practices will improve the environment or enhance public safety.
  • If there is a chance that the suggestions outlined in a letter will adversely affect the value of stock shares, this must be addressed in the recommendation letter. Anything that can be done to ameliorate stock share prices in the event of changes to clean energy business practices should be detailed, and examples of how this has been done in other companies should be cited.
  • A letter should be very polished, businesslike and professional; it should be written in the style of a formal business letter - the letter itself should be addressed to the CEO of a clean energy corporation, and the letter should be signed by the hand of the sender before it is mailed out. An important letter should be sent by snail mail, rather than email; however, an electronic copy may be required later on.
The tone of any recommendation letter should be polite, respectful and cordial. Rudeness, or overly casual speech, such as slang, should be avoided. To make the most of a recommendation letter, include all contact information, so a CEO or his staff may contact you if they wish to discuss the recommendations set out in the letter.

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