How Do I Convince My Mum/Mom/Dad To Give Me More Allowence/pocket Money?


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Well, tell her that your friends and all get pocket money and that you feel that you are big enough to get money, and probablly, main thing is to BEHAVE. Lol :D

I am 13 and I only get 5euro every week, but I dont care because I SOMETIMES get what I need :D

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By not asking them for more but apprising them of your plan to take up part time jobs to meet the extra expenses being incurred.
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Well you can do is to convince your parents about your need and tell them that you are grown up as your needs are also grown so you need more pocket money so that they can allow you. Besides this if your parents do not give you any money then you have one option that you can go for part time job.
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Well, it really depends how old you are but if you are 11 and above you can say that you are just a couple years away from becoming a teenager, therefore, you are getting to be more grown up. This advice is coming from a 15 year old, so I think I would know. You can also say that you will do more chores around the house or work for for your money. Good luck! :) 
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What I do is kinda play a little Psychology 101 lol. Well first show your parents a test or sheet of homework with a 100% on it.   But before you show them make sure they have seen you study it would be an added bonus to the plan.  Parents want us teens to do good in school so to further our career and all that what not. So once you have shown them the paper remind them "wow (Mom or Dad) I can't belive I got a 100 I was totaly spooked when I seen the Questions" the Reply" wow see all you have to do is study" then do a little more small talk on how hard it was and how you studyed and got a 100. Then say " (Mom or Dad) do you think you can give me __$$___( how ever much money you are asking for but be resonable to there earnings) Dollars I'v been studying super hard Please!" keep this question out there every here and there if replyed "NO" because that does not exsist today haha. Eventually your parent will give up if you stick it out. Make sure to throw in facts on how hard you studyed. You'll gett it. I'm 17 and I'm still getting money from my dad and my allowence is $120 a week trust me you just have to be resonable to there earnings don't ask your mom for $120 if she earns $470 a week thats crazy.  I hope I helped :)
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Just tell them that you want to go out for a fun day with your friends. I would just tell them that I need a little spending money and that I won't buy a lot of stuff. I would also try to be home on time so I would show them that I could be responsible for what they ask me to do!

Hope this helped!  :o)
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You basically threaten to kill yourself if they don't give you money or enough money

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