Is SSD Considered Child Support? Also, Is The Monies I Receive For The Children From SSD Being Taken From His Wallet?


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When a man  gets disability, he doesn't have to worry about child support. The government will pay it for him. It is not coming from his pocket. Does it matter? As long as you're getting money. I'm not trying to be mean, but are you worried about you kids being taken care of or are you worried about trying to ruin him? I mean.. To be honest, you won't get as much as you would if he had to pay child support. Depending on how many kids he has. My husband is getting dissability. He ahs 3 kids from previous relationship. And we have 3 kids and one on the way. As of right now, the payments are split between all the kids evenly. But everytime another kid comes into the picture, it lessens the amount each kid gets. For example, Say there are 2 households bith have 3 kids. Each kid gets 100 a piece. So that's 300.00 going to the ex house and 300. Coming to my house. Plus my husbands lump sum check every month. When my baby gets here, That $600.00 wil then have to be divided by 7 kids now. So whatever 600 divided by 7 would be. I would still get the most since I have the most kids.  It ends when they turn 18. Which the ex kids will be 18 first. Then all the money will eventually come into my house. Some people don't think my kids should receive that money because their father is in the house. But if he is dissabled, don't all of his kids need to be taken care of? By him not being able  to work, that's a replacement. He didn't have to add the kids on his case to receive help if he didn't nt want to. But he knew child support would have been on his trail. So that's why he did it. GOOOD LUCK!!!
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It's not that I'm trying to "stick" it to him, I am trying to clarify so that the next time my children approach me and ask me why I am taking from his pocket, I can defend myself. I'm tired of always being the bad parent. When he doesn't have money for gas, I drive them (45 miles one way). When he doesn't have money for groceries, I buy them, and it's enough for him, the kids and his brother and sister-in-law. So no, I wouldn't say I'm trying to stick it to him, I'm trying to defend myself.
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Okay. I am sorry. I guess that's a GOOD REASON. Why would your kids be asking you that question anywayz? Aren't you the custodial parent of them? Do they sit around and think about everything that you have to go through with them? It takes money to take care of children.
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This is not true in the state of Florida... If a parent is receiving SSD the children can get benefits for is disability as well as child support.  My children father is paying child support out of his ssd and they receive a benefit check each month from social security.. I say that  a man is responsible to take care of his children by any means necessary. Too many men out there are getting over on the mothers by allowing them to care for the children with little or no support.  Most move on to other relationships make new babies and forget about the previous children.  Men need to be held accountable.  I say the government needs to come up with a program that to assist disabled men and woman to support there children financially because it takes MONEY to care for a child.

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