How Do I Get Business License Revoked?


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tricia Michael answered
All I know that you can do is call the Better Buisness Beurua in your city and make a formal complaint. If you know these other people that they have taken money from get them to file a complaint as well. If it is money they have taken or services not provided you may also want to go to the police and file a report too. The Better Buisness Buerua(I don't know how to spell it) are the people that can take there license from them
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Hello. Do you happen to know how to get a Swiss EMI license? I really need it, but it doesn’t work for me (

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Sergio Jemas answered

I also recently encountered problems in obtaining a license, because in Switzerland there is a Swiss Banking Law, which applies, respectively, to banks, and determines the circle of persons who can conduct financial business in Switzerland and can accept money (deposits) from the public. Therefore, I was advised to turn to a service that will help you get a Swiss EMI license. They did everything quickly and efficiently.

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