How To Do A P.o.b S.b.a On Production?


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A Principles of Business School Based Assessment or POB SBA is a paper in which outlines a business and its production. You will have at least six categories in the paper:
  • Describe the business
  • Location
  • Labor
  • Working and fixed capital
  • Roles of entrepreneur
  • Type of production
  • Describe the Business
In this category you should provide a brief description of the intended business, provide a name, what type of business it is, what the business engages in, the goals and provide examples.

  • Location
In this part of the assessment you have to examine a prime location for the type of business, list the factors that influenced your choice, and explain these factors in detail.

  • Labor
In the labor section you need to explore the type of labor you require and then classify them under skilled, unskilled, or semi-skilled. This part of the paper tells us about the types of employees a business needs rather than the definition of labor itself.

  • Working and Fixed Capital
There are two types of capital in a business and the paper has to explain both types and how they relate to the business you have decided to assess.

  • Roles of Entrepreneurs
The role of the entrepreneur examines what the entrepreneur hopes for, the main functions and the organization to the business.

  • Types of Production
This section should cover types of production, levels of production, quality control measures, uses of technology, linkages, potential growth, government regulations and ethical issues.

For communication and information this is more about how the paper is structured over what goes in it. One has to structure the paper logically in order to maintain a good grade and report for the readers.
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Justification of location

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