How To Make A Receipt Letter For Borrowing Money?


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If you do quite a bit of office work for a business or educational institution then you will get quite a lot of paperwork sent your way that you several documents or materials. Although some of these documents do not require you to acknowledge them, however sometimes it is courteous and polite to let the sender know that you have received their letter or documents. In your case you should acknowledge the receipt of the money and thank them.

  • Step one. Your letter should be professionally formatted by being typed in on the computer in black and white and printed off. The subject of your letter should be typed at the top of your letter along with the date. Underneath this you should type the name of your company or educational institution. You should also type the address of your office and your contact information.
  • Step two. Underneath this information you should type out the information of the person who sent you the documents, including their personal name, name of their organization and their address.
  • Step three. You should begin your letter with a salutation or greeting of the person who sent you the materials, for example, Dear Mr Smith.
  • Step four. The body of your letter should mostly consist of you telling the person that you have received their items and that this letter is an acknowledgment of the documents. You should also tell them what date you received the items so that they can compare this with the date that they sent them to you.
  • Step five. Underneath this you should write a list of the items that you received from the person in bullet points. Underneath this list you should finish off your letter by thanking them again for sending you the items promptly. Then you should type a formal goodbye for example, Your Sincerely if you know the person, Yours Faithfully if you don't know them. And then you should type your name and sign it.

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