How To Reset Nissan Anti Theft System?


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Without knowing the exact model of Nissan that you own and that this problem applies to, specific advice that will apply just to your car is difficult to provide. In this instance only general advice that should solve problems with anti-theft systems in the majority of mass produced vehicles can be provided.

I hope I do not appear patronizing if I check that you have consulted the user manual that came with the car? If you have lost the manual then you can download PDF files for most Nissan models from here ( If there is nothing in the user manual that came with the car (and there isn’t usually regarding resetting vehicle security systems), then you are left with two options to solve this problem.

The first option is the hands-on option of popping the hood and attempting to disconnect the wiring for the alarm from the battery, assuming that you have the standard Nissan Anti-Theft System which does not have a back-up battery source. If you don’t fancy messing around under the hood, you can try isolating the wires in the steering wheel column.

The one for the Anti-Theft System in Nissans is green and yellow but I urge you to carefully consult any wiring diagrams you have for the model of Nissan you own before trying this procedure. This should set the system to off. Reconnect the wires and using the correct key you should be able to set the Nissan Anti-Theft System in the usual manner.

The other option is a visit to your local Nissan dealer who should be able to reset your system using a scanning tool. This is the more expensive option but will guarantee peace of mind and shouldn’t affect your warranty, which messing around with the wiring of the car might.

As you can see, it does take a lot to disable an anti-theft system if you have access to the hood, so if you vehicle doesn’t have a specific lock for the hood, it may be worth investing in one and also a system that has a back-up power source and immobilization ability.
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Most of the time its all about the connection in the battery, and the key possition. Usely keep the key on the on position and play with the connection battery post. If that does not work play with the key in the door, sometimes they have a theif door alarm. Lock the doors and turn the key until the light go out.
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Hi there! I had a problem. I can't say it was much similar to yours, but I suppose my solution could help you. I used to have an old home security system before I istalled Ajax. Once I came back home from a business trip and found out my entrance door was open and there were no TV, computer, and pieces of jewelry at home. I was shocked because I had a siren that was supposed to work in case of robbery and automatically calls the police. I did not. I asked police if they got any calls, they said they had not had any. Do you know what was the reason that turned the system off? Battery! The most stupid thing to lose a lot of money. So, try to check the battery. This is the most popular reason for all the breaks. By the way, after that case, I changed that system to Ajax - Their batteries work for more than 6 years. Now I feel better. Also, I can control everything through the app and see the robbers if they come.

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