What Are Building Regulations?


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In the UK Building Regulations are the standards set down by the Government as the legal acceptable standard to which building works should be carried out. These are set down in a series of Approved Documents. The main emphasis of Building Regulations are on Health and Safety, particularly ensuring fire safety standards are met.
Building Regulations are monitored/enforced by either a local authority (local Council) or by an Approved Inspector. Both these bodies will check plans and building works to ensure that they comply with the regulations.
It is important before undertaking any building works to check whether Building Regulations apply. This is because any alterations to a house or building need to be declared if you are trying to sell the house or building (or a surveyor for the purchaser may pick up on the works). The solicitor will then check whether Building Regulation approval was obtained. If it has not been obtained then the sale of the dwelling/building may not be able to proceed.

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