How Can I Find Out Someones Bail Amount?


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Bail is a monetary or property deposit or pledge to the court in return for the release of a suspect from jail. They are then the responsibility of the guarantor and are required to not break any more laws and attend their trial date. Failure to do so counts as a legal breach by the guarantor too. Anyone even the suspect, can pay bail. If they fail to obey the law or attend court or a police station then they can be charged for breaching bail conditions; a separate offense to the initial action.

Finding out the amount is straightforward, but differs per country. In US courts generally the judge will decide and announce the sum to the defendant, offering the chance to accept bail conditions. In the UK bail runs through the Magistrates Court system, and the clerk of the court instructs the magistrates on the circumstances for and against bail, for example, a presumption you will commit more crime is reason enough not to grant bail.

If you are not there at the court you can still bail someone out at a later date. In both the US and the UK you need to call up the court in question. A clerk will take the basic details about the person you wish to bail out, as well as details about yourself, before telling you the fee. The same process can be reached via Attorney/Solicitor or in the US by bail bondsman.

A word of warning though; bail is a legal contract. You should only enter into such an agreement if you are certain you can afford it. Defaulting on a bail payment can, in the US, lead to a loss of property and possessions; by right the court can demand immediate payment. In the UK, the Crown Prosecution Service is more lenient but will investigate your finances and expect to set up an alternative payback arrangement.
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Contact the place where they are being held and they will tell you how much and where to post the money at.

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