What Are The Factors To Consider In Preparing A Food Budget?


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Here are some questions you should ask yourself:
  • How many souls do you have to feed? (like dah)
  • Is one, or more of them, boys in their teens? (those suckers eat a lot)
  • How much do you usually spend on food as a percentage of your income? (25-30% is about right)
  • Do you cook at home? (always cheaper)
  • Do you buy fresh produce, or go for the TV dinner and processed food solution? (those processed foods are expensive, and bad for you)
  • Do you throw out a lot of unfinished food? (if the answer is yes, then stop doing that. Either buy less, or make creative use of leftovers)
  • Do you need a diet? (a diet is a great way to save money on food)
  • Do you exercise? (people in good physical shape process food more efficiently)
  • Are you a disciplined person/family? (discipline is the key to any budgetary plan)
Well, there are more issues to consider, but these are the basic ones.

Good Luck.

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