What Are The Ten Elements Of Industry With Their Uses?


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Certain chemistry elements are used in industrial fields; however, there are more than ten of these, and their uses are myriad. To cite an example, the element Boron, which is found in lake floors when the water has dried out, is often used in nuclear power applications, such as nuclear factories and reactors. Another key example is magnesium, which is processed from water taken from the sea, and then used for a range of industrial purposes, including the construction of flash bulbs for cameras.

  • The list goes on...

Basically, these are plenty of elements used in industrial businesses, and it would take forever to list them all here. To find out more, grab a science book that lists all the elements, and then Google to see how they are used in the industrial world of factories and manufacturing. You'll be astounded at the way that Mother Nature provides through the basic elements of chemistry, and the ingenious way these elements can be used to create exciting products, services, and inventions.

  • Studying chemistry

Studying chemistry is a great way to learn more about the elements and the way they function as building blocks in the world. Biology is the study of living organisms, and physics is the study of physical forces in the universe...chemistry is the study of organic and inorganic compounds, and chemistry leads to the invention of formulas, medicines, and solvents that both help and hurt mankind. For example, chemicals can be used in deadly weapons, or they can be injected into the human body to clear away disease. How chemicals work largely depends on how human beings decide to use them...for good or ill.

To find all of the elements, grab a high school chemistry book, or surf the Web and visit some blogs and websites devoted to chemistry and the elements. In no time, you'll have a clearer understanding of the chemical elements and how they can be used in industrial applications, such as products or formulas.

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