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Product length is one of five terms used to describe the organization of products for marketing purposes in retail businesses. The product length refers to products that are related to each other, but produced and sold individually, rather than being bundled together in a package.

For instance, car air fresheners, car wash and car polish are all part of one product line - car related products in this case. The more related different products that are produced or sold in one line, the greater the product length.

  • Product line
This term relates to all related products that are sold within a particular category, like the car accessories mentioned above, for instance. While a supermarket may offer just a short line of such products, an auto parts outlet may have a long line of related products, therefore having a greater product length.

  • Product width
Some companies just sell one line, while others, such as supermarkets, may have many lines. A supermarket, for example, may sell the line of car accessories, as well as a line of household cleaning agents, a line of bread related products, or a line of fruit and vegetables. The product width is therefore determined by how many different lines a company produces or sells.

  • Product depth
This can be regarded as a type of subcategories within a line. In other words, to stay with the above example, the line of car wash, car polish and car air fresheners may include several different brands or formulas of each item within the line.

  • Bundling
This is the putting together of several different, related products and selling them together as one single unit, or bundled entity. The car polish, wash and air freshener form the before mentioned examples, for instance, may be bundled together and offered as one car care package.
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It ia the marketing concept related to product, the number of items or products in the specific product line.

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