Are There Any Overtime Pay Exemption Laws Or Regulation In Ohio?


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Alan Stetson answered
Hard to believe, but your competitor may be correct - at least at the federal level. There was a Supreme Court decision in June 2007 that stated home care workers are not eligible for overtime under federal law.

States can pass labor laws that differ from federal law, so long as the state law is more beneficial to the worker. I am not familiar with Ohio's stance on this subject (or with Ohio law in general), but I was unable to find anything regarding home care overtime pay specific to Ohio. I would suspect this means that Ohio home care workers are out of luck when it comes to OT.

I would like to think that any company which values its employees in the least would either voluntarily pay the overtime, or pay a premium wage, to anyone made to work 65+ hours per week. Sadly, I doubt that is the case.

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