What Are The Different Types Of Equity Shares?


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The answer to this depends rather massively on the kind of business you are talking about, or considering investing in. There are many kinds of shares that are used for a wide range of different businesses. For instance, large businesses like Apple will use different shares, whilst a small business will offer something different too.

Equity shares are really important for businesses, and they can be classified into around five different kinds of shares. These are all based on stock market analysis. Firstly there are blue chip shares. Then, you will see that growth shares and Income shares are quite popular, as well as cyclical shares and speculative shares.

A blue chip share is stock in a company that has a national reputation for providing high quality, reliability, and an ability to operate profitably even when the economic times are bad. A perfect example of a company like this would be Coca Cola, which always seems to thrive despite the economic downturn.

A growth share is different. Growth stock is the stock of a business that is able to generate a large amount of sustainable positive cash flow. The business must also be expecting to increase their revenue and earnings at a much quicker rate than an average business that is operating within the same industry. For instance, Google might be expected to expand more quickly than a business that has only started up within the Internet industry within the last couple of years.

These different kinds are shares are on offer given that businesses have different characteristics, but ultimately they mean that the investor gains some money on the business, and the business gains access to some quick cash that can help them expand.
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Equity share can be classified into following categories based on stock market analysis:
1 Blue Chip shares
2 Growth shares
3 Income shares
4 Cyclical shares
5 Speculative shares
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This depends highly on the type of business you are investing in.  Several types of shares can be offered for a wide range of businesses.  Do you have a specific type of business in mind?

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