How Did Hitler Deal With Unemployment When He Came To Power In 1933?


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Hitler is mostly remembered for the destruction that he caused and the amount of killings that took place while he was in power. One aspect which is always forgotten is how he was able to take Germany which was literally handicapped into a country which was again able to bare the cost of wars and still have the support of his people.

In gaining the support of his people, one realizes that as soon as he came to the power, he started providing jobs which were not available before his arrival. He did that largely by constructing roads, Hitler considered that a good network of roads was the key for success and he built loads of them. This required work force which was available to him. Apart from building roads, the building of hospitals, planting forest, building schools increased the jobs. Public buildings were built for instance the Olympic stadium.

So where did he get all the money to build all this? It was simple. Hitler stopped paying the reparations that Germany was forced to pay after the World War 1 according to the Treaty of Versailles. Hitler eventually started rearmament, thus increasing the vacancies for labor force.

The killing and sacking of Jews meant that there were more jobs for the Germans as Jews were not considered as unemployed and neither Germans, a ploy to decrease the number of unemployed. Women were not allowed to do jobs and those doing were sacked; hence forth more jobs available for men.

Therefore, mixture of propaganda and efforts got the unemployment rate down and Hitler among the hearts of German people.

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