What Are Stocks And Also Explain The Difference Between Shares & Bonds.


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A bond is issued, generally by a government entity such as a federal government or a city government. The concept of a stock is that you hold a percentage of ownership in the company while you own the stock.

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These things are not different at all, bond is like a govt.
Paper saying that you own this much and secured in our area. Share is like you
buy a small portion of the company and liable to bear the profit- loss at the
same time.  Stock could be fun but if you have knowledge about it's working
and setting.
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Stocks (or Shares)    Stocks (or Shares) are paper certificates representing ownership in a business. Therefore, if a company has issued 1 million shares and an investor owns 1 share only, he is a part owner (or shareholder) of the company. Stocks or shares are represented in the equity segment of the balance sheet. A stock certificate is perpetuity, i.e., it lasts as long as the company does. Shareholders have a residual claim (last claim) on whatever net income (or profit) and assets are left over after the bondholders have been fully paid off. It is the most common source of raising funds under Islamic Shariah. Shares are traded in Stock market e.g. Karachi Stock Exchange (KSE), Lahore Stock Exchange (LSE) & Islamabad Stock Exchange (ISE)    Difference between Shares & Bonds:    The main difference between shares and bonds is that shares are representation of ownership in a company while bonds are not representative of ownership.      The second difference is that shares last as long as the company lasts where as bonds have limited life.    Another difference is that the return on a bond is predetermined, i.e., the investor knows in advance how much return he would get from a bond. However, a stockholder cannot be certain about the return on a stock investment, since the dividends may or may not be paid in a certain year or the percentage of dividends announced may vary.

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