What Are The Basic Concepts Of Franchising?


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The term franchising means that the person starts its own business by using the license or patent of any other person against pay the owner of the franchiser. The terms and conditions are set between the franchisee and franchiser. The franchisee need to give the percentage of sale to the franchisor or any terms and conditions between the both parties. The franchiser gives support of the franchisee in the training, development and formula or the product or in case of service it provides complete guidance to the franchisor.

So the franchisee need any kind of help related to the marketing and advertisement or any technology then franchisor provides the facility to the franchisor. There are many benefits of franchisee one of the most common advantage is the easy expansion of the business, less advertisement on the behalf of the franchisee, familiarity of the product in the market, low business risk and high profit margin.

There can be any business which provides the franchise to the people whether it is the tangible product or a service company. So this is all about the franchising.
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Franchise is about developing a business concepts that can be share with other that we call as franchisee. The owner of the business will be the franchisor. The franchise business will share their system and their concept together means that the operation will be same all over the world. The franchisor will get a profit sharing from the gross of sales. the brand that have been franchise can be easily located and reach by the customers.
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Thank you! For me, this is the easiest way to start a business without any special knowledge. My father did so. He is not a creative man, he just has the talent to make a plan and follow it. He bought his first wings franchise when I was a kid and it still feeds us!

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The basic is to do business,take from the company and sell to the customer, franchising means not the company but the part of the company .....you will take product from a specific company an d sell them to others.

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