Can Anyone Explain The Causes For Recent Interest In Intrapreneurship?


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CAUSES FOR RECENT INTEREST IN INTRAPRENEURSHIP    Interest in intrapreneurship has resulted from events occurring on social, cultural, and business levels. There is an increasing interest in "doing your own thing." Individuals frequently desire to create something of their own. They want responsibility and want more freedom in their organizations. Frustration can develop and result in the employee becoming less productive or leaving the organization. This has recently caused more discontent in structured organizations. When meaning is not provided within the organization, individuals often search for an institution, such as intrapreneurship, that will provide it.    In a large organization problems occur that thwart creativity and innovation. This growth and diversity that can result are critical, since large corporations are more efficient in a competitive market than are smaller firms. The resistance against flexibility, growth, and diversification can be overcome by developing a spirit of entrepreneurship, called Intrapreneurship, within the existing organization.    There are social, cultural, and business pressures for Intrapreneurship. Hyper competition has forced U.S. Companies to focus on new product development and increased productivity. Reductions in large corporation's staff are being absorbed in the workforce, particularly in small businesses. Entrepreneurial endeavors consist of four key elements.  1. New business venturing  2. Organizational innovativeness  3. Self-renewal  4. Proactiveness

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