What's The Definition Of Distribution Channel?


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Fourth element of marketing mix is distribution mostly known as Place. Other first three are Price, Product and Promotion.

Distribution Channel:
There may be number of intermediaries; each one passing the product to the next intermediary before it reaches the final consumer and this process is known as the distribution channel.

The majority of businesses take help from intermediaries which help them to take their products to the market. Intermediaries are expertise in promoting and selling the product. They have skills and links which help in greater sales.

Every level of marketing in which intermediaries carry out some work in order to give the product to its ultimate buyer is a channel level.

Direct-marketing channel: this channel has no intermediary. In this case the producer sells straight to the consumers..

Other indirect-marketing channels are.

• One intermediary: There is only one intermediary between manufacturer and consumer these are usually retailers.
• Two intermediaries: There are two intermediaries between manufacturer and consumer. Manufacturer sells the product in large quantity to wholesaler and then the wholesalers break it into the bulk deliveries to supply retailers.
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Distribution of the one the part of the marketing and in most of the businesses the distribution serves as the middle man between the business and the company so this is the reason the companies use the distribution channels to provide you the medium for the sale of your products to the customers. The company uses different approaches for the distribution of their products first method the company use is to sell its products to the distributor at a certain profit ratio which the company further uses for the sale of the products. So the company uses the different distribution channels in order to make sure that the product is reach to the final customers.

So there are various distribution channels which are used by the different countries in order to sale their products. So it also depends upon the nature of the products for which the company chooses the distribution medium. So the distribution channel serves as the intermediary between the seller and the buyer. So this is the reason the company uses the different distribution channel to reach the final consumer.
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Distribution management can be defined as..

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