How Do I Use Mail-merge To Create Mailing Labels For My New Business? I Have MS Office 2000.


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For mail merge we need a data file. This data file is used as source to mail merge document. This data file (source file) can be created in different ways. The best in this situation is to create the MS-Excel file.

Create the MS-Excel sheet with Name, Designation, Address and Category columns (any other if you need). Save the file and start MS-Word. Select Tools -> Letters and Mailing -> Mail Merge Wizard from the menu bar. The wizard will start. In the first step select the type of document. In your case select the Envelop and press next. In the second step select the current document and press next. In the third step, select the use an existing list option and browse link. Choose the excel file already created. A window will appear that will show you all the records of the file.

Click the small icon in the category field. All the categories will be shown select any required category. You will the list of addressed related to that category. Press ok and close the wizard pane. Now show the mail merge tool bar and select the insert merge field icon from that tool bar. Insert the required fields, format these fields and its ready for mail merge.

If you want to change the category press the mail merge recipient icon from the tool bar and select the other category by the same method.
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Well the mail merge is the great facility which is provided to the user who frequently uses the mail merge. So start the mail merge in the Microsoft word 2000 you can go to the tool menu and then click the letters and mailing and then click the mail merge wizard. When the mail merge panel is open then you select the letter in order to further use it for the official letters and business. You will open up a window where you can select the template for your business letter, and go for the making the label for your business contacts.

To add the multiple sources of recipients in the mail merge you can use the task pane to add more people in the mail merge so that you can add up many recipients to send mail to them at the same time. So this is the easy way you can add the different sources of the mail from the mail merge option for your business using the Microsoft Office 2000. so this is the way you can make your labels for your new starting business.

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