How Can I Reset The Car Alarm For A Honda Civic?


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Mark Henderson answered
This should be a rather simple task to complete, as all Honda Civics come with an alarm reset switch.

A malfunctioning alarm can be repaired without having to take the car into the dealership - so to reset the alarm follow the steps below. 

Honda Civic alarm reset.
  • Firstly, you'll have to turn the Civic's alarm off for a few seconds.
  • Then you'll have to poke around under the dashboard to find a small button or toggle switch.
  • It should only be a small switch and is most likely red or black in color.
  • When you have found the switch, turn on your car's ignition.
  • Once the car is running, you should press and hold the spring loaded button in.
  • Keep holding the button in, until the alarm beeps just once.
  • This will disable the alarm entirely. A LED on the dashboard should confirm the alarm has been disabled.
  • Repeat these steps to reset and hence re-enable the alarm system.
  • Once this is done the alarm should have reset, and hopefully would have rectified any problems you have had with the alarm.

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