What Are The Function Of Nigerian Stock Exchange?


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The Nigerian Stock Exchange basically exists for the same reason that every other country's stock exchange does: To encourage and oversee the flow of income into Nigeria. The Nigerian Stock Exchange was first established in 1960. 

Basically, the Nigerian Stock Exchange provides a stable platform for individuals and organizations who trade and invest their savings by purchasing shares. This controls the ebb and flow of money into the system by people investing to make a profit and therefore helping to beat inflation.

The Nigerian Stock Exchange also helps to increase the market capitalization of companies. This increases economic growth and also helps to make the companies grow stronger, all of which contributes towards a better economy.

The role of any country's Stock Exchange is vital as they basically help the economy to develop because if the circulation of money were to suddenly cease then the money will drop into the hands of people and the economic growth will be halted.

A Stock Exchange can also be known as a share market and it is a company whose main goal is provide stock brokers and other traders with the facilities they need in order to trade.

The main goal of a Stock Exchange is to assist traders in trading company stocks and any other securities. It can also give the opportunity to issue and redeem different securities.

Therefore any Stock Exchange is extremely important for their particular company because they hold a lot of responsibility when it comes to the country's economy. As well as being responsible for the redistribution of wealth and corporate governance, Stock Exchanges also provide valuable investment opportunities for small companies from a variety of areas.

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To provide a platform for the individuals or the organisations for the trading and investing their savings through the purchase of shares. It makes the movement of money into the system. People invest to make profit and to beat the inflation. Increase in the market capitalisation of the companies make them strong and help in the economic growth by providing employment and by production etc. If the circulation of money will stop then the money will be plunged in the hands of the people, the growth will be stopped, so the Stock exchange play an important role in the development of the economy.

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