What Type Of Business Should I Start As I Had 1 Lac Rupees In Hand ? Show Me The Best Procedure For The Success Of The Specified Business In Less Investment Up To 1 Lac? Note I Am From A Developing Country.


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Hi, There is a big opportunity in Food industry. Start a small hotel
or an eatery, snack center or a place that deals with the food.

You have small amount of capital, may be you would like to
rent a small place. Keep limited menu, give quality service and in the
beginning, work alone.

I am sure you will succeed as this is a business where
personal touch matters. Everyone needs to eat 3 times a day. That means you are
not going to run out of customers.

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Benefits of Amazon business.

  1. No much costing to add product in seller account
  2. Easily listing the product in portal.
  3. No worry about the picking of product from your doorstep.
  4. Payment is very clear and transparent.
  5. Product visibility is good in portal.

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Amazon business is a good option

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Well you have very little capital in order to start any business I would recommend you that you need to make a whole plan and work out on your idea in order to start a business. With this little capital you can only start some shop business to a limited level. However before starting any business you need two types of the capital one is the fixed capital which is needed to start the business and other is working capital which is required to meet the expenses of the daily routine business needs. Well you can make the best utilize of your business if you go with proper planning. However if you just wake up in a morning and start your business you may not be successful in the business.

Well the market changes every day so I can not give you exact idea what business you should start. If you have some opportunity in hand then go for it. If you do not have any opportunity right now and you are going to start business then make some plan and work out on it in order to make your business successful. So you can start up with the retail business of any kind with the capital of 1 lack so you have to decide yourself what business you want to start.

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