How Will You Write A Circular Letter About Shifting Of Business To The New Premises Or Opening Of Branches?


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Shifting of business to the new premises or opening of branches; It may happen that in the course of the business and due to the lack of space, additional space will be required by the trader, according to the situation, may enlarge the business or shift his business to new premises. It may also happen that he will open new branches at new places and thus enlarge the business. In all these conditions, he should inform the customers of his business activity. The following are the main points to be remembered, when writing a circular letter to his customers:

Because of the lack of space, the business is shifted or detached to new place, which is larger. If a branch is newly opened, the letters must contain more details, such as address of the firm, names of important persons, the services offered to the customers etc. When shifting to new place, clear address with phone number must be mentioned along with the distance from railway station or bus stand.

As the shifting of business or opening of the new branch causes a delay in regular business, it will also be intimated to the customers so tat there may not be complaints from them.
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We hereby wish you all very prosperity and good development at your new bigger and convenient premises.

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