Why Is It Important To Save Money When One Can Just Enjoy Life My Spending Money?


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The answer to this question depends on your lifestyle, your budget, your income etc. every person has a different approach to life. Some people worry about future and save money, while others always plan for the future and save money so that they if require any money as in emergency, they do have cash.

You can still enjoy life and save money at the same time, but with some sort of plan. Make a budget first of all; think what things to you are important. If you have family then you will definitely have to save money for future. Your children might need money for education, college fund etc. god forbid if some one gets sick and you guys do not have medical insurance then the saved cash will benefit for sure.

Never spend beyond your limits, other wise you might end up in debts even and that is a major liability. Try saving 1 dollar a day as it is the easiest way and you will not even feel the urge not to save it. Keep the money in a place where you can not see it every day and get attracted to it.

What you can do is try this for a month and at the end of the month when you save up thirty dollars, you will experience an amazing feeling and this will tell you how important it is to save money for future.

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