How Would I Compare And Contrast Ethics And Law Within An Organization?


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Ethics is that is usually prevailing in the organization which has set up by the management in order to make discipline in the organization. So people have to follow the business and workplace ethics. So many organization belief in ethics and they strictly follow ethics in their organizations. So this is all about the ethics in the business. Ethics serve as the guidance for the people of any organization to act in an specific behavior so that the other people follow that behavior. For example going office with a causal dress is not in the ordinary practice of an organization so this is against the ethics of the workplace. Ethics and culture of an organization is set by the top management of the organization.

Laws are those which are made by the government and every organization and its people have to follow those laws in order to carry their operation in the specific business. So the top manager and the lower level employees all have to follow those laws governing the business issues. If he laws are violated then there is a punishment for the business and they can be under charge. So this is all about the business ethics and laws in organizations.

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