What Is A Disadvantage Of Peachtree Accounting?


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Peachtree is accounting software that is especially popular with small businesses. There have been some complaints with the software. The most common complaint is that the database structure isn't the best it could be. This is especially true if you have an online business and you are trying to import the orders off of your website. The previous website software that was included in Peachtree was recently discontinued. Clients who use Peachtree have also had some trouble merging customers together.

Another complaint that many users have is that Peachtree is difficult to install. It requires the user to have extensive knowledge of all the features Peachtree has in order to customize the setup. In addition to this, many of the features that Peachtree offers are deemed unnecessary by its customers. Because of this, those customers who buy Peachtree with unnecessary features feel they have paid for services that they do not require.

One of the main determining factors for small business owners in purchasing Peachtree software is the cost. The retail price for the software is around $300, but can be purchased later in the year for roughly $200. Quickbooks can be purchased for about $120.

Despite these disadvantages, many customers prefer Peachtree Accounting to other software programs. It is a great way to save money that would normally go toward paying an accountant. The user does not need to be heavily trained in finance to use Peachtree software. Most find Peachtree easy to use and maintain files. Once the user becomes accustomed with the software, it becomes much easier to handle. Updating files and databases with Peachtree is quite simple. Peachtree provides an audit trail for its users which helps prevent potential tax audits and future problems with the IRS. This can potentially save the user numerous problems and a great deal of money from tax filing errors.
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QuickBooks can run on Mac OS X while Peachtree can't.

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