What Is History Of Database Systems?


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In 1970 what we are using  for data accessing?
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Database is a storage place of records. With the help of database one can easily add, delete, modify and review the records. Now a day we think that data base is only present in computers but we are wrong they are present before computers as form of manual filing. Following is the history of Data base systems.

Database system History:
When computers are introduced databases get a new meaning and came to life. As technology advanced so do database and more complex database systems are made like RDBMS.In late 60's, the data was stored in 2 dimensional tabular structure. For these databases COBOL and C languages were used. These data structures need firm integration with program.

In 80's Hierarchical Database Systems was found. In this data was stored like binary trees.
After that the network database system came. This system comes with the concept of relations between data. In this system there are records having data and there is a relationship between the data (sets).

After that Relational Database Management System (Relational DBMS) make its way which introduced proper tables, data structure and the relationship among table. SQL is used to get access to Database.In future, Non-Normalized Relational Systems, Entity-Relationship Systems, Object-Relational Systems are coming up with different and advance techniques as compared to previous one.
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Swan: you are miles off course. Development of the C language didn't begin until 1969 and then only internally at Bell Labs. Hierarchical and Network model databases were present in the 1960s
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