If I Have A Share In Walmart Stock How Do I Check It?


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There are a couple of ways you can check your stock depending on how you obtained the stock. For example, if you have had the stock for a while, you may not have access online. If you used a stock broker to buy the shares you will need to contact that broker.

If you obtained the stock through being a Walmart employee, but have since left your position, you can call the following: 800-436-6278. You can also visit Either one of these options will help you check on your direct stock purchase plan.

If you are still a member of Walmart you can check your status of stocks via your employee page. There is also an automated services 888-968-4015.

Anyone who has stock in Walmart will be able to vote in the annual shareholder meetings, these papers are usually sent to you each year. If you have other Walmart stock documents you can use these documents to find out about your stock and how much you have invested. It may also be important to sign up with a service like AmeriTrade so that you can track your stock easier. You can import your stocks from other companies to watch them and see what is happening.

Walmart has to track everyone who owns their stock, meaning they have a department to handle any stock questions you may have. Just call either of the numbers provided to see if you can track your account and set up a way to watch your stocks from now on.

Walmart also offers you dividends during the year. Even a small share will earn dividends, so you can track your stock through the company that sends the check should you have no other way.
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There are many ways to check stocks,but you know along with this there are many software  programmes available which we use in doing so, which helps us,  and make work easier.

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