What Are Short Term Courses After 12th Commerce?


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After 12th commerce there are many courses that you can apply for. These courses are available pretty much anywhere in the country. Some of these courses include the most common courses, which are as follows:

  • Personality development courses
Personality development courses are available and will usually last between two and three months.

  • Spoken English courses or the IELTS
The duration for this course is not fixed, it of course depends on how well the student does and how long it takes them to learn the language and start becoming fluent in it.

  • Computer language learning courses
These courses are really popular as computing is able to offer people a great future. More jobs are available now than ever before so people are naturally becoming interested in this kind of course. You can expect the course to last between two and six months. Once you've completed the course, you will be trained in a particular language and you can go on to study more about the languages, or you may get picked up by a company and start working for them.

  • Computer basics programs
Computer basics programs don't offer you the same kind of expertise as a computer language course would be able to offer you but it does offer you some key skills. These days when people are looking for jobs, one of their key skills has to be that they are comfortable working with computers and that they are more than capable of performing basic functions and learning new functions on the computer. This course will give people an insight into that and an ability to do more than they thought they could.

For more information get in touch with an educational establishment in your local area.

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