How Did Siemens Restructure Its Marketing Strategy To Increase Brand Equity In The United States?


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Although it had been about half a century since Siemens had been operating in the United States nevertheless it was almost cynical for Siemens to discover that it did not have a very strong level of brand awareness amongst its consumers and customers despite of having an immensely strong distribution network and an even more prolific volume of customers sales. This was discovered through a company research survey that elucidated the fact that only twelve percent of the consumers were aware about the Siemens brand. Therefore Siemens, which is a German engineering and electronic giant, decided to restructure its marketing strategy.

Firstly its stock was traded in the New York Stock Exchange. In the same year that was 2001, Siemens introduced its product line of cellular phones in the United States, which was later followed by the acquisition of Westinghouse for 1.2 billion dollars, Acuson for 700 million dollars and Efficient Networks for 1.5 billion dollars. It also made English its official language of operations and adopted US accounting and financial reporting standards. Moreover it hired a US public relations firm. All of these activities contributed towarrds enhancing and popularizing the brand image of Siemens.

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