What Is Running Finance/overdraft?


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Running finance is nothing but the finance offerings by financial institutions against mortgages.It works under the working capital finance. Specifically, the running finance is a credit facility established for a specific time limit at variable interest rates. Housing Price Index (HPI) is a contributory agent for successful operation of the running finance scheme. The running finance is implemented by means of allowing the over draft facility and the corresponding amount is determined by the repaying capacity of the borrower.

Overdraft is one sort of offering credit by the account providers, in that withdrawals are permitted exceeding available balance of the bank account. It is nothing but an over-drawing leading to a negative balance. The situation is more common with the credit card offerings by the banks. For enjoying overdraft facility, there should be some agreement or approval in advance with the account provider. Generally, the over-draft facility is offered by the banks for some maximum amount and the same is required to be returned to them (in the respective account) within some specified time limit.

Non-compliance of these guidelines may impose heavy penalty on the account holders. In any case, drawing an overdraft necessitates paying interest. Fees charged for providing the overdraft facility and in case of going into unauthorized limits may vary from bank to bank, but the principle remains the same.
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(1)...can there appear in a balance sheet positive bank balance and running finance item at the same time (assuming only one bank)? ................................................................(2)...Is bank Overdraft and Runing finance ABSOLUTELY same thing, can they both appear in balance sheet simultaneously (assuming single bank)?
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